Radhe Box Office Collection Overseas Till Now, Zee5 OTT Collection in India

Radhe Box Office Collection Today, Check Radhe Total Collection till 24 May 2021 worldwide and OTT Collection In India.

Radhe managed to earn 18.28 Crore worldwide from online distribution of the movie.

Check Radhe Total Collection 5th Day India and worldwide here on jbsa.org. Radhe Box Office Collection & OTT Collection in India is discussed in this post. Salman Khan, Disha Patani, and Randeep Hooda starrer film ‘Radhe Your Most Wanted Bhai’ has been released globally on 13 May 2021.

While the film hit the digital platform in India, the film got a chance to release in Overseas via theaters, and guys it was released simultaneously on theaters and OTT on the special occasion of Eid so enjoy it. The film may not have spread its appeal at the Indian box office due to the Coronavirus, but it has been stung a lot abroad.

From Dubai to New Zealand and Australia, Radhe has done good business on the first day. Via this page we are writing Radhe Box Office Collection taken from various websites. Due to the lock-down in India, the film has not been released in theaters but in other countries, the film has been released in theaters and it has been released on both theaters and OTT platforms. Overseas earnings of the first day of the Radhe film have been revealed.

What do you think about Radhe Movie of salman khan ? let us know in the comments section below. But overall I think Radhe has done a great job on Box Office and OTT Platform despite being released in a pandemic. There is a huge fan following of Salman Khan in India and outside India too. And that proved to be a huge advantage in the Radhe Box Office Collection.

Radhe Movie Box Office Collection

Salman Khan’s film Radhe has been released worldwide on 13 May 2021 on the occasion of Eid and the film is released on theaters and OTT but due to lock-down and corona infection, the film could not make its mark at the Radhe at Indian & Overseas Box Office but Radhe has the highest grossing in Dubai. At the same time, in other countries have done a total business of Rs 3 crore. Talking about Australia, it earned Rs 36 lakh.

At the same time, on opening day in New Zealand, Radhe Box Office Collection is Rs 6 lakh in Indian currency. Talking of America, there is also the infection of Corona. Due to this, Radhe did a business of 24 lakh in Indian currency there. So all the fans of Salman khan need to watch this movie in the hall or in-app. As Radhe Movie is also available in your app which is name as ZEE5 which you download on the google play store very easily.

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Radhe Box Office & OTT Collection Highlights

Movie NameRadhe
StarringSalman Khan, Disha Patani and Randeep Hooda
Release date13 May 2021
Radhe Box Office Collection Read this post

Radhe Movie OTT Collection in India

In India, the film ‘Radhe’ has been released on Zee 5 along with Zee’s pay-per-view service Zee Plex and major DTH operators and was released in theaters in the international market last day which is getting tremendous response from the audience.

From eager fans who appreciate the film in cinemas abroad to mass bookings on streaming platforms, Superstar fans started watching the film soon after its release, with this it has become the the most-watched film on release day.

Not only this, due to the large number of log-ins, the server was down; Overall, the film has proved to be an Eid blockbuster but we cant predict Radhe Box Office Collection of India as it is not released in theaters here.

Radhe Box Office Collection Overseas & OTT Collection in India 1st Day

Earlier Salman Khan asked his fans to watch his new film Radhe on the official platform only via the official app only. Salman also asked the fans to watch the film on the official platform and asked them not to resort to download illegally. That is, do not act like viewing or downloading it from an illegal site, so guys watch it via legal way only.

Guys watch this movie in a theater near you with full corona protocols if you are surrounded by this infection. In India fans are watching it via app only as they cant go outside to watch this movie and also the movie halls are not open so enjoy the movie while eating popcorn. With your family you can watch this movie.

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Radhe Movie Box Office Collection of Overseas

This is the first time that a Salman Khan’s film released on this occasion and did not have any business in Indian theaters. But on the other hand the film has been released in foreign theaters like from Dubai to Australia and New Zealand to the US, the first day Radhe Overseas First Day Business has done an average business.

One thing to mention here is that cases of Covid 19 are still increasing all over the world. But, in India where the 2nd wave has created havoc, the conditions are slightly better in other countries. On the first day,Radhe has done business of about Rs 3 crore in Gulf countries and the highest earning in this came from Dubai theaters. Below we have provided Radhe Box Office Collection for 1st Day:-

  • New Zealand – Rs 5.89 Lakh
  • Australia – Rs 35.77 Lakh

Radhe First Day Collection

In Australia too, the film’s business has been decent on the first day and here, ‘Radhe’ did business of about 36 lakh rupees on the first day. Similarly, on the opening day in New Zealand it has earned Rs 5.90 lakh in Indian currency.People in USA are still not getting out of their homes due to the corona havoc.

On the first day, ‘Radhe’ has a done business of Rs 24 lakh at the US box office.In the rising cases of corona, viewers on India and foreign land also found it better to watch ‘Radhe’ sitting at home. The film was released on Thursday at 12 noon on Zeeplex and after that there was such a tsunami of Salman Khan’s fans on the app that it was crashed.

Radhe Total Collection Till Today

Day 3 – 600,000$ [Rs. 4.39 crore]
Day 2 – 600,000$ [Rs. 4.39 crore]
Day 1 – 580,000$  [Rs. 4.25 crore]
TOTAL – 13.03 crores

Watch Radhe Movie Online on Zee5Click Here

FAQ’s About Radhe Box Office Collection

On which day ‘Radhe: Your most wanted bhai’ was released?

On 13 May 2021 ‘Radhe: Your most wanted bhai’ was released across the world but in India it was not released in theaters but still you can watch it on ZEE5

What about Radhe Box Office collection status?

Salman Khan’s film Radhe was released along with Zee mobile app and leading DTH operators. It was also released in theaters in the international market like USA, Dubai, where the audience is getting tremendous response. From film fans in theaters abroad to mass viewing on streaming platforms, this it became the most watched film on release day and overall, the film has proved to be a blockbuster.

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  1. Super time pass movie….
    To watch bhai’s movie, leave your brain and only keep bhai in your mind.
    Enjoy Radhe bhai…….

  2. Haters And Andhh Bhakt Same….Same Kuttey Ke Dum Jaisa Hotey Hai Jo Kabhee Sidha Nahin Hote…Unhey Ye Nahin Pata Ki Tum Jaisey Andhh Bhakt Se Salman Khan Ko Farq Nahin Padney Wala Hai

  3. Salman’s Expressionless Acting
    Absolutely Pathetic Movie.
    Wasted the Money.
    Same old fights and no new dialogues.
    Story is even boring than dabang 3.
    Fab job by Randeep Honda and Gulati.
    Senior Actor like Jackie Shroff and other Marathi Actors used disrespectfully.
    What a waste !!

    • According to some devotees of Bhai…

      If Ironman movie is remade, and Salman plays the role of Tony stark, then Salman is greater than RDJ.
      RDJ : Hey Jarvis
      SK : Hey Chintu (Whitehat Junior Chintu)

      If Salman Khan plays the role of APJ Abdul Kalam… Salman is greater than Abdul kalam sir.

      If Salman plays Captain America, he is greater than Chris Evans.

      If Salman Khan plays Batman, then he is greater than Christian bale or Ben Affleck.

      If Salman Khan plays Thor, he is greater than Thor’s father Odin himself.

      If Salman Khan plays Hulk (without CGI), he is greater than mark ruffalo or the CGI hulk. Hulk series would be renamed as “Sulk”, and avengers as “savagers”. Also don’t forget Nick Fury as “Salman Fury”

      If Salman Khan plays Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is greater than any other Mr Olympia. And “Mr Olympia” would be renamed as “Mr Salman Khan”.

      If SK (Salman Khan) plays Dalai Lama, then he is Gauthama Buddha.

      If SK plays the role of Prophet Muhammad, then he is Allah.

      If SK plays SSR, then he is physics olympiad 1st rank holder (SSR is 7th rank holder in physics olympiad)

      If SK plays the role of Madhubala, then he is Queen Elizabeth.

      If SK plays the role of Johnny Lever, then he is Charlie Chaplin.

      In the movie bhajrangi bhaijaan, SK is Hanuman.

      In the movie Jai ho SK bhai is Kejriwal as well as sleeping lion. Careful, don’t mess…

      In the movie Karan Arjun, SK bhai is Pandavas merged with Krishna.

      “Ham sath sath Hain” should be renamed as “Ham Bhai ke sath hain”.

      Superman is SK’s fan
      “Why?” – you may ask…
      Answer: – “tevar – Superman” , YouTube search term. (Superman song from the movie Tevar)

      If SK plays the role of krk in the movie “deshdrohi”, Bhai is DESHBHAKT.

      “Bahubali” should be renamed as “Bhaibali”.

    • Bakwas mat karo abhi tak sabse jyada Thalapathy Vijay ke movie ne kamaya hai Radhe ke sath zee 5 subscription tha is hisab se Pura box office collection radhe ne nahi kiya. Radhe ka 249 rupees 499 se kat lo for dekho 150 cr hoga flop movie.

  4. Sahi bola vahi bakwas sara hua dialog lame action copied from Korean movie Outlaws yaha tak ki gana bhi South Indian film se chura liya. Salman Khan ab korean Khan ban gaya hai radhe bharat sab korean copied movies hai

  5. Absolutely right he is extremely overrated. Only few of is movies are great. Previously 1 out of three movies used to be a flop(before the era of wanted). Salman Khan rose through copied movies. What a shame.


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